Working Mathematically


"Activities that teach" books have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum (Year 5 – Year 8). There are some activities that could also be used with a Year 9 or Year 10 class.

In the mapping, the numbers in blue refer to outcomes in the Australian Curriculum Mathematics (ACM) for that strand (eg. (098) refers to ACMNA098 in the Number and Algebra strand.)

Activities are coded according to the book and chapter in which they are found (eg. D 3-1 is Activity 3-1 in the book “Activities that teach Data”).

Coding of “Activities that Teach” books:
N - Activities that teach Number
A - Activities that teach Patterns & Algebra
D - Activities that teach Data
M - Activities that teach Measurement
G - Activities that teach Space & Geometry

Supplementary activities added for the Australian Curriculum are in the Sample Activities section of this website.

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