Working Mathematically


The spirally-bound edition

This edition has been discontinued.

The perfect-bound edition

This condition combines Part A and Part B of the old spirally-bound edition.

The 5 workbooks are titled:

Activities that teach Number
Activities that teach Patterns & Algebra
Activities that teach Data
Activities that teach Measurement
Activities that teach Space & Geometry

Each book has about 270 pages of activities.

An electronic version for schools

The workbooks are now available on a CD that enables teachers to

  • project activities onto a whiteboard for teaching purposes
  • put activities on the school intranet
  • print as many of the activities as they wish for their students
  • bind activities together in booklets for student use.

There are 5 CDs (e-books) altogether, one for each strand.

Each e-book comes with a one year renewable licence.

For further information, contact us.